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With the Middle-East nation located between Europe and Asia, it helps both regions by being a connectivity corridor, a family office industry executive tells AsianInvestor.

Every company founder frets about succession. This issue takes on additional urgency in the Middle East, where not only have personal and corporate assets historically been managed together in family businesses, but where many of these businesses were only founded comparatively recently – in the 1950s and 1960s.

Ask anyone in the United Arab Emirates and they will tell you that business is booming. With the country hosting COP28, the World Bank says GDP grew by 7.4% last year and the country ranks 15th as a global investment destination. Its economy is also managing massive structural reform with 70% of output now coming from non-oil sectors, according to the Ministry of Finance.

Abu Dhabi Finance Week (ADFW) conducted the 2023 edition of Asset Abu Dhabi. This pillar conference hosted a selective group of investment market leadership, who gathered in an event at ADFW to examine the changing investment strategies of hedge funds, private equity firms, venture capital giants, and family offices in global markets.

Audiences analyzing the economic fortunes of the UAE often concentrate on traditional macro topics such as growth in gross domestic product (GDP), energy prices, foreign direct investment (FDI) rankings, and the like. Yet, one of the country’s most influential factors and groups consistently flies under the radar, and it is a trillion-dollar industry in its own right- family offices and family businesses.

أعلنت جمعية مكاتب العائلة الإماراتية «EFOA»، الهيئة المستقلة الجديدة والفريدة من نوعها، التي تدعم مكاتب العائلة في الإمارات (وخارجها)، اعتزامها المشاركة في تنظيم فعالية «مؤتمر مكاتب العائلة الدولي»، أو «IFO Congress» الافتتاحي، يوم الثلاثاء الموافق 28 نوفمبر، وذلك ضمن فعاليات أسبوع أبوظبي المالي «ADFW».