28th November, 2023
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International Family Office Congress

The International Family Office Congress is a key annual event for The Emirates Family Office Association members who share the common aim of building family wealth in their countries, regions and around the world. It exists to accomplish three main objectives:

  • Enhance cooperation between family offices by supporting and strengthening family offices in the region;
  • Promote the development of private enterprise in the region;
  • Contribute to the creation of business culture conducive to investment, savings and accumulation.

The IFO Congress takes place the 28th of Novemeber in the vibrant financial center of Abu Dhabi. It is part of the larger Abu Dhabi Finance Week event organised by Abu Dhabi Global Markets. Abu Dhabi Finance Week 2023 is the most important finance event in the region attracting global industry leaders to talk about the opportunities and challenges presented by the economic, technological, and sustainability shifts impacting the global economic landscape. This event will provide a unique platform to explore these dynamic changes and their potential impact on the world economy.


With Dhaher Bin Dhaher AlMheiri
An introduction to the International Family Office Congress, providing a glimpse into the insightful sessions that will unfold.

With H.E. Abdulla Mohamed Al Mazrui
In this special address, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry explores the vital role of Family Offices in the industrial and financial economy. Abu Dhabi’s ascent as a capital of capital in the region offers substantial opportunities for Family Offices.

With Bassel Al Khawaja ~ Sriram Jaganmohan ~ Adeeb Ahmed ~ Adel Mehrab
With the global family office industry valued at nearly $500 billion and families driving over 70% of regional industrial activity, what lies ahead for their growth and industry consolidation in the next decade?
Moderator: Martina Fuchs
With Mishal Kanoo Sit down with one of the Arab world’s most powerful and influential business figures, Emirati business magnate Mishal Kanoo, as he takes us on a journey from the group’s humble beginnings as an early trading and shipping enterprise to a modern diversified industrial conglomerate.
Moderator: Hussein Al Sayed
With H.E. Hareb Almuhairi ~ Natella Safar Ali ~ Gavin Rankin ~ H.E. Masaood Al Masaood
With its robust business landscape, Abu Dhabi is the ideal destination for family offices. It’s not just a place to be and do business in, it’s also a world-class, cosmopolitan city that offers a great place to live in, for people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. This panel explores why so many Family Offices are flocking here.
Moderator: Yasmin Al Mostehy
With Etienne Schneider ~ Christian Angermeyer
Generations have different approaches to and strategies for investing. In this exclusive fireside, our very special guest shares personal and proven insights on effective generational investing principles for social impact.
Moderator: George Triplow
With Julian Marwitz ~ Patrick Tsangs ~ Hasan Al Fardan Experts on family business operations discuss best practice based on deals, insights and real-life experiences of leading international family offices. Moderator: Rachel Pether
With Matt Higgins ~ Jo Bamford
Follow the deal-map, as we join highly entrepreneurial leaders, driving growth through sourcing top-class innovative opportunities, from healthcare to fintech. Join this session to explore the art of finding opportunities.
Moderator: Bilal Jafar
With Amira Sajwani
One of the next generation of leaders from the Sajwani family, Amira, shares insights on day to day life at the DAMAC group, and how she is helping to grow their prestigious company to new heights.
Moderator: Matthew Amlot
With Adam Ladjadj The International Family Office Congress draws to a close with an outlook on the future of the family office sector, and Abu Dhabi’s promising potential as a leading global hub for family businesses.


Join us for International Family Office Congress, a one-of-a-kind Emirates Family Office Association event featuring 22 industry expert speakers in total, 6 government officials, and 2 royal members! The event is an unique opportunity to hear from the brightest minds in the industry and learn from their insights and experiences.

Our speakers represent a wide range of backgrounds and expertise who are shaping the future of the industry. You’ll hear from CEOs, founders, investors, and thought leaders on topics such as Family Led Conglomerates, Succession Planning, Principles of Preservation and much more.

Abdulla Mohamed Al Mazouri
H.E. Abdulla Mohamed Al Mazrui

Chairman, Abu Dhabi Chamber

IFO Congress Speaker - H.E. Hareb Al Muhairi
H.E. Hareb Almuhairi
Executive Director, ADRO
IFO Congress Speaker - HE Masaood Rahma Al Masaood
H.E. Masaood Rahma Al Masaood

Abu Dhabi Chamber

IFO Congress Speaker - Adam Ladjadj
Adam Ladjadj

Founder and Chairman, EFOA

Adeeb Ahmed
Adeeb Ahmed

Managing Director, Lulu Group

IFO Congress Speaker - Adel Mehrab
Adel Mehrab

Chief Investment Officer, Al Fozan Group

Amira Sajwani
Amira Sajwani

Managing Director, Sales & Development, Damac

Bassel Al-Khawaja
Bassel Al Khawaja

Advisory Head, ADIPOF

Bilal Jafar
Bilal Jafar

Hedge Fund Correspondent, Dow Jones

IFO Congress Speaker - Christian Angermayer
Christian Angermayer

Founder, Apeiron Investment Group

IFO Congress Speaker - Dhaher Bin Dhaher Almheiri
Dhaher bin Dhaher AlMheiri

Advisor to Chairman, ADGM

IFO Congress - Etienne Schneider
Etienne Schneider

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

IFO Congress Speaker - Gavin Rankin
Gavin Rankin

Chief Investment Officer, ADCB

IFO Congress Speaker - George Triplow
George Triplow

Northern Trust

IFO Congress Speaker - Hasan Fardan Al Fardan
Hasan Fardan Al Fardan

CEO, Al Fardan Group

IFO Congress Speaker - Hussein Al Sayed
Hussein Al Sayed

Anchor, CNBC Arabia

IFO Congress Speaker - Joseph Bamford
Jo Bamford

Chairman, HYCAP

IFO Congress Speaker - Julian Marwitz
Julian Marwitz

CEO, Arineos

IFO Congress Speaker - Martina Fuchs
Martina Fuchs

Business Journalist, Xinhua

IFO Congress Speaker - Matthiew Amlot
Matthew Amlot

Managing Editor, Arabian Business

IFO Congress Speaker - Matt Higgins
Matt Higgins
Family Office
IFO Congress Speaker - Mishal Kanoo
Mishal Kanoo

Chairman, Kanoo Group

IFO Congress Speaker - Natella Safar
Natella Safar

Executive Director, Registration and Licensing, ADGM

IFO Congress Speaker - Patrick Tsang
Patrick Tsangs

Chairman, Tsangs Group

IFO Congress Speaker - Rachel Pether
Rachel Pether

Anchor, Fintech.TV

IFO Congress Speaker - Sriram Jaganmohan
Sriram Jaganmohan

Chief Investment Officer, Miras

IFO Congress Speaker - Yasmin Almostehy
Yasmin Almostehy

Executive Director, EFOA

Abu Dhabi: A Destination for Everyone

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, is a fascinating destination that offers something for everyone. With its blend of rich history, modern architecture, and stunning natural landscapes, it is a city that captivates visitors from all different places.

EFOA members attending the Congress will be offered a range of activities such as exploring the Arabian desert, exclusive VIP dinners, and extensive networking opportunities with people from all over the world. We hope to provide a unique and memorable experience to all of our community, and we are confident that Abu Dhabi is the perfect place for it to take place.

On behalf of the
Emirates Family Office Association

Prepare to be inspired by industry thought leaders and visionaries. Learn from our carefully curated sessions that cover a range of topics that hold great importance for family offices and wealth management professionals. And take opportunity of the extraordinary wave that the Falcon Economy and all the MENA region is offering you.